Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall is an Ongoing SEO Client Manager at Mad Scientist Digital. He specialises in keyword research and strategy, which basically means getting his client’s websites to rank well for certain words and phrases on Google. He is also highly experienced in on-page and local SEO as well as client management. In addition to being a Mad Scientist, he is currently completing a Bachelor of Education at ACU.

Aaron first started his career at Mad Scientist Digital as an intern. He was offered the role through a University unit, and leapt at the opportunity to learn more about digital marketing and SEO. During his placement he proved himself a great fit to the Mad House team; he was energetic, thorough and had a great sense of humour. Once he completed his Communications Degree, he was offered a full-time role and hasn’t looked back since!

Nowadays Aaron is kind of like our own office oracle, always there to teach others and help them perform their roles optimally. All our interns can attest to his patience, kindness and willingness to go the extra mile to help others.

I believe he is also the undefeated champion of our Mad House table tennis lunch tournament.

When he’s not researching or writing, you’ll probably find him at the gym or eating cookies…(“very productive”, he says). He enjoys spending time with friends, going to local music gigs or beer gardens – but he’d be just as happy staying in with a good book.

In Aaron’s Words

My genius is: Communicating, Divergent Thinking and Creativity. 

My madness is: Music, Beers, Reading and Writing.

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