Majlin Erica

Majlin Erica has a dual role at the Hawthorn office, splitting her time equally between ongoing SEO client management at Mad Scientist Digital and community management at Mad House. She finds these two roles complement each other well, as one is technical and the other more creative. It also means that no two days are the same, an aspect of digitally-driven industries she’s always enjoyed. With a background in public relations, Majlin has a deep understanding of communication and social media. She enjoys building relationships and collaborating on exciting projects, both of which are a big part of what she does at Mad Scientist.

Starting out solely in the content creation factory (Mad House), Majlin slowly cultivated an interest for SEO during her first 6 months at Mad Scientist Digital. With little to no experience in technical SEO, she began attending MSD seminars and workshops, and soon became a bit of a Mad Scientist herself. She now manages the ongoing SEO for several clients and is excited to further develop her skills in this area.

On her day off you’ll find her studying, taking a Pilates class or reading whichever dystopian sci-fi she’s gotten her hands on that week. Her favourite things include a glass of wine with a friend, going to the cinema and visiting friends or family in Europe. With a natural curiosity for futurism, Majlin is currently exploring the relationship between communication, technology and philosophy (with equal amounts of fascination and horror).

In Majlin’s Words:

My genius is: Communication, dealing with different kinds of people, social media, collaboration, creativity & organising stuff

My madness is: The ocean, my partner, technology, cheese platters, facials, buying a new plant, books, dinner parties, going to the gallery, exploring new cities and sustainability.

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