Sam Wallis

Sam Wallis is responsible for co-managing the content arm of Mad Scientist – the Mad House along with our awesome Community Manager Majlin. It’s Sam’s job to ensure that our clients’ web copy, blogs and other marketing copy is perfectly aligned with the client’s communication strategy, SEO strategy, and business goals.

Put simply: Sam makes sure the right words are written, and in the right order.

A freelance copywriter by trade, Sam connected with CEO Carl Huybers on LinkedIn while looking for potential marketing partners in her local area. Turns out, the Mad Scientist team were looking for someone who could provide exceptional copy when their SEO clients need it.

It looked like a good match, which was confirmed when the Mad Scientist crew discovered Sam’s long history with SEO (she’s a bit obsessed with it) that began when she built her first online e-commerce store way back in the early 2000s. Sam has watched the evolution of SEO from back when the Internet was a staggering toddler (yes she’s old enough to remember), and she understands how copy needs to work in partnership with SEO for it to be most effective.

Realising they had a rare hybrid of copywriter + SEO geek on their hands, the Mad powers-that-be quickly found a place for Sam within the team.

Sam loves learning new marketing & copywriting skills, and is passionate about helping small businesses grow through digital marketing. She can often be found with her head in a book or diving into new areas of knowledge online.

So it’s not much of a surprise that she’s always working on digitally-focused projects such as e-commerce stores, as well as writing sales funnels and marketing copy for her own clients.

In Sam’s Words:

My genius is:
Piecing together puzzles (copywriting is my favourite puzzle).
Seeing the wizard hiding behind the curtain.
Decoding systems. Building new ones.
Getting things done, quicker and better than before.

My madness is:
Being a willing human slave to my Italian Greyhound.
Seeking new ideas and fresh ways to do things.
Being an obsessive consumer of stories.
Watching too much Netflix (see above).
Oh, and lots of daydreaming.


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